2017 MLS Kit Rankings

All of the 2017 Major League Soccer kits have been released. We've taken a quick look and offer up our take. Which club has the best look for the upcoming season?

22. Real Salt Lake - OMG. If these are the match kits, what do the training kits look like?

21. D.C. United - DCU needs to bring back their classic looking home kit from the early days of MLS. The away kit is horrendous.

20. Philadelphia Union - We know a lot of fans dig the home kit, but we've never been a fan. Could have shown some more imagination with the away kit.

19. FC Dallas - We'd love to see the classy hoops again on the home kit. Not sure what's going on in that away kit.

18. Toronto FC - Boring.

17. New York City FC - Classic NYFC home kit. Would have liked to see a new away kit. This one continues to hurt our eyes.

16. New York Red Bulls - WTF are those lines on the home kit?? A solid away kit prevents this from falling further.

15. LA Galaxy - We're bored with the "classic" look of LA's home kit. The all navy away kit is growing on us.

14. San Jose Earthquakes - Solid new home kit. Away kit looks too similar the Revs.

13. New England Revolution - The home kit isn't spectacular, but it works. New away kit brings a little something different to the league.

12. Chicago Fire - Classic look on the home kit with a new away kit. Love the detailing on the both the home and away socks.

11. Houston Dynamo - Points for bringing a different color palette to the league. We dig the away kit.

10. Colorado Rapids - Bored with the home kit, but we dig the away kit. Would've liked to see the badge on the away kit remain the same.

9. Montreal Impact - Solid and safe. Recognizable (in a positive way) home kit for the Canadian club.

8. Atlanta United - Decent debut kits. 

7. Sporting Kansas City - We like collars and we like Kansas City.

6. Orlando City - The home kit is fantastic. Love the collar.

5. Columbus Crew - Back in yellow where they belong.

4. Vancouver Whitecaps - Solid new home kit. Both kits definitely say "Vancouver" to us.

3. Portland Timbers - Love the forest green and gold. Would love to see a collar on the home kit like Orlando City's home kit. Dig the red and black horizontal combo on the away kit.

2. Minnesota United FC - Hometown bias here. Room for improvement, but we dig them.

1. Seattle Sounders - That away kit...Love the homage to the Sounders of the 70s and 80s. They should wear the away kit in every match.




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